"Newborn" Cream Claims to Give Adults Baby-Soft Skin With a Surprising Ingredient

The Same Science That Makes a Baby’s Skin So Perfect…

Is Exactly How We Created The World’s Most Advanced Anti-Aging Face Cream…For Adults!

See why this truly different skin cream that took our scientists 2 years to develop… has women noticing a remarkable difference in their skin softness and wrinkle lines in just days.

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Who has the best most beautiful skin in the world? Babies of course!

That’s why we asked our scientists - What makes a baby’s skin so perfect?...

What is going on in the womb chemically all those months that creates this soft and beautiful baby skin? After all it is kind of a harsh chemical environment in the womb, so how is this amazing perfect skin being created?

We had a team of cosmetic scientists and a chemical engineer from M.I.T. deeply research these questions… And after many months they found the scientific answers to create Newborn Skin Cream for Adults!

…And the answers might really surprise you!

Our scientists discovered the chemical secret to a baby’s perfect skin is a complex substance called “Vernix Caseosa”

Vernix is that white creamy - waxy substance that you often see coating the skin of newborn babies at birth. Known as “nature’s original moisturizer” it coats the baby’s skin the last trimester - protecting, hydrating, waterproofing and nourishing the skin as it develops.

Vernix Caseosa is a super hydrated matrix rich in lipids and proteins… that also has major water binding properties known as Natural Moisturizing Factors that provides suppleness to the skin.

It is really an amazing substance! We knew we needed to harness this nature’s chemical secret to make a radically different skin cream for Adults!

Save 50%

Special Sale Price

$59.95 $29.95

To create Newborn Skin Cream our scientists:

  • Formulated a bio-similar matrix compound to mimic the core important elements and structure of Vernix Caseosa as the base of our cream
  • Then added other state of the art anti-aging and anti-wrinkle ingredients including:
  • Hyrolonic Acid
  • Squalene
  • and Active Vitamin E…

Creating a bio-complex skin cream with intense moisturizing and anti-aging qualities.

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Save 50%

Special Sale Price

$59.95 $29.95

We’re getting rave early reviews as many of our customers are noticing a difference right away…

First your skin will feel noticeably softer and smoother within just a couple days… Next you’ll notice diminished and softer wrinkle lines especially around the eyes and mouth as your skin plumps and softens with ultra hydration.

In a market of similar face creams, you need to try one that is truly engineered to be different… Engineered to turn back the clock to your baby soft skin….

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